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LoL Patchnotes 8.24

Patch 8.24

Der neue Patch 8.24 wurde vor einiger Zeit released. Hier erfahrt ihr, was der Patch beinhaltet!


Q – The Darkin Blade
REMOVEDMONSTER HATENo longer deals an additional 0.1 attack damage against monsters

W – Twilight Shroud
DURATION5/5.5/6/6.5/7 seconds4/4.5/5/5.5/6 seconds
MAX DURATION EXTENSION3 seconds2 seconds

Base stats

Q – Winds of War
COST70/85/100/115/130 mana70/75/80/85/90 mana
WINDBLAST DAMAGE50/80/110/140/170 (+0.8 ability power)70/110/150/190/230 (+0.9 ability power)
REMOVEDFLAT TORNADO DAMAGETornado no longer deals 30/40/50/60/70 (+0.6 ability power) flat damage
MAX HEALTH TORNADO DAMAGE0 (+3% per 100 ability power) target’s max health6 (+4% per 100 ability power) target’s max health

E – Justice Punch
NEWAIMED TO HIGHNow deals 50% reduced damage to non-champions
WINDUP BEFORE FORWARD DASH0.45 seconds0.4 seconds
DASH SPEED19002300

R – Hero’s Entrance
REMOVEDDAMAGE REDUCTIONThe targeted ally no longer gains 20/25/30% (+8% per 100 Galio’s bonus magic resist) damage reduction
REMOVEDGROUND ZEROEnemies in the center are no longer knocked up longer (now 0.75 second knockup for all enemies hit)

Q – H-28G Evolution Turret
COOLDOWN REDUCTIONTurret beam attack cooldown now actually scales with cooldown reduction
TOOLTIPTurret stats have been moved into the expanded tooltip (hold SHIFT). Expanded tooltip now indicates that turret health scales off Heimerdinger’s ability power.

W – Hextech Micro-Rockets
TOOLTIPNow states the actual damage rockets deal to minions instead of „60%“ (which was lower than actual damage dealt due to additional AP scaling)

UPGRADE!!!’d W – Hextech Rocket Swarm
MAX DAMAGE499/687/862 (+1.83 ability power)503/697.5/892 (+1.83 ability power)
MISSILE 1 DAMAGE135/180/225 (+0.45 ability power) (unchanged)
MISSILE 2,3,4,5 DAMAGE28/39/49 (+0.12 ability power)32/45/58 (+0.12 ability power)
MISSILE 6-20 DAMAGE16.8/23.4/29.4 (+0.06 ability power)16/22.5/29 (+0.06 ability power)

E – Test of Spirit
COOLDOWN20/18/16/14/12 seconds16/15/14/13/12 seconds

R – Leap of Faith
COOLDOWN120/105/90 seconds120/95/70 seconds

W – Defiant Dance
COOLDOWN16/15/14/13/12 seconds20/18/16/14/12 seconds
REMOVEDON-CAST FERVORCasting Defiant Dance no longer grants a stack of Ionian Fervor (stacks still granted based on enemies hit)

R – Grandmaster’s Might
3RD ATTACK ON-HIT DAMAGE100/160/220100/140/180

W – Distortion

Q – Siphon Power
COOLDOWN8/7/6/5/4 seconds9/8/7/6/5 seconds
MISSILE BASE DAMAGE60/80/100/120/14050/65/80/95/110

E – Death Ray
COOLDOWN13/12/11/10/9 seconds12/11/10/9/8 seconds
RATIO0.5 ability power0.6 ability power (Aftershock ratio unchanged)


Death’s Dance
HEALING15% of physical damage dealt (5% per target for area-effect abilities)15% of all damage dealt (5% per target for area-effect abilities)

Eye of the Herald
I BLINKEDEye of the Herald now goes on a 3-second cooldown during combat with non-minions

REMOVEDPoacher’s Dirk


Dark Harvest
BASE DAMAGE50-80 (lv 1-18)20-60 (lv 1-18)
PROC MODELCan no longer proc off other procs (ex. Scorch, Liandry’s Torment) aside from Luden’s Echo, whose effect is built to behave like a separate ability


JUST ONESee a provisional rank after just one Ranked game. It’s only visible to you until your placements are complete.
ALL THE WAY UPIn your remaining placement games, you earn bonus LP in wins and can’t lose LP
UNLOCKEDAfter your placement games, your rank will be available for all to see
NO RESETThere’s no reset during preseason, so you’ll need to be unranked in a queue to try new placements before season start

Tiers & Divisions
BOTTOM’S UPIron tier added below Bronze
GRANDILOQUENTGrandmaster tier added between Master and Challenger
RIP MEMESDivision V removed from all tiers
CONGRATSAll players in Division V moved up to Division IV
HELD HORSESAs part of preseason testing for Grandmaster promotions, all players in Master and above will be set to Master tier, 0LP

Ranked Armor
OOH SHINYA new way to show off your current rank now appears on your profile, Ranked dashboard, hovercard, and in-game lobbies
ON MY LEVELSwitch between Ranked and level armor by clicking on your summoner icon

Ranked UI
WHAT DID I WINThe end-of-game screen is rejiggered to make your LP gains more clear
PROMO WHENThe Ranked dashboard for Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger now more clearly shows promotion and demotion cutoffs
LOADING SCREENLoading screen borders now reflect your current rank in the selected queue; you can click player cards to see their past rank banner

Neue Skins

A total of seven new skins are launching in 8.24 including four Chilly skins Frozen Prince Mundo, Winter Wonder Soraka, Ice King Twitch and Snow Man Yi, the hextech exclusive Hextech Renekton and K/DA Akali Prestige edition !

Frozen Prince Mundo

1350 RP

Winter Wonder Soraka

1350 RP

Ice King Twitch

1350 RP

Snow Man Yi

1350 RP

K/DA Akali Prestige Edition

[Available during future Snowdown event for Snow Tokens – Src]

Neue Chromas

Tons of new chroma will be available sometime this cycle!

Frozen Prince Mundo


Winter Wonder Soraka


Ice King Twitch


Snow Man Yi


Winter Wonder Neeko


Frostblade Irelia
Snow Day Malzahar
Snow Day Graves
Snow Day Bard
Snowstorm Sivir

Neue Summoner-Icons

A blizzard of new summoner icons, including icons of the new skins and several older seasonal skins as snowmen, will be available sometime this patch!

Snow Man Yi Icon, Ice King Twitch Icon, Winter Wonder Neeko Icon



Winter Wonder Soraka Icon, Frozen Prince Mundo Icon, Hungwy Icon



Crystal Deer Icon, Snowflake Icon, Unconquered Frontier Icon



Frostblade Irelia Golden Icon, Snow Day Malzahar Golden Icon, Snowstorm Sivir Golden Icon



Snow Day Bard Golden Icon, Snow Day Graves Golden Icon



Poro on Fire Icon, Finisher Icon, Recall Icon
Crafted after playing Nexus Blitz during the 2018 Snowdown event.




Four new Emotes featuring our upcoming champion Neeko will be available sometime during the patch!

I Will Destroy You, Haha You Fell!


Poro Ride, OMG I Love IT



Two chilly new ward skins will be available sometime during the patch!

Unassuming Snowman Ward, Golden Snowman Ward


Wir sehen uns in der Kluft!

404 KathaBlanca | Adrian | Chief Editor

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