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LoL Patchnotes 8.23

Patch 8.23

Der neue Patch 8.23 wurde kürzlich veröffentlicht. Etwas später als normal, jedoch knackig wie gewohnt! Hier erfahrt ihr, was der Patch beinhalten wird!


BUGFIXFixed a bug that made Akali’s attack speed higher than intended
BUGFIXFixed a bug causing R – Cannon Barrage to always deal rank 1 damage
BUGFIX-FIXMistwalkers and The Maiden no longer draw minion aggro onto Yorick if they damage an enemy champion. The turret aggro portion of the fix is still in place.


R – World Ender
DURATION12 seconds10 seconds (now matches Blood Well’s charge-up duration)
HEAL ON REVIVE0.5% max health per 1% Blood Well0.5% max health per 1% Blood Well up to 80% Blood Well; 50% max health for 80% Blood Well or higher (resource bar now turns red at the 80% mark)

W – Essence Flux
BASE DAMAGE75/125/175/225/27580/135/190/245/300
RATIO0.7 ability power at all ranks0.7/0.75/0.8/0.85/0.9 ability power

R – Trueshot Barrage
REMOVEDFALLOFFDamage is no longer reduced by 10% for each enemy hit (minimum 30%)
NEWAIMED TOO HIGHMinions and non-epic monsters now take 50% reduced damage

Base stats

Basic attacks
ANIMATIONSAdjusted to better match missile timing

NEWPassive – Iceborn Subjugation
ICEBORN SUBJUGATIONWhen an enemy dies near Lissandra they become a Frozen Thrall. Frozen Thralls seek out living enemies, slowing their movement speed when nearby. After a few seconds, Frozen Thralls shatter from the intense cold, dealing magic damage in an area.
THRALL DURATIONFrozen Thralls chase enemies for 4 seconds before exploding
BASE DAMAGE120-520 (lv 1-18)
RATIO0.3 ability power
REMOVEDICEBORNLissandra’s old passive, Iceborn, has been removed

Q – Ice Shard
COST75 mana at all ranks60/63/66/69/72 mana

W – Ring of Frost
COST50 mana54 mana
BASE DAMAGE70/110/150/190/23070/100/130/160/190
RATIO0.4 ability power0.3 ability power

E – Glacial Path
CLAW SPEED8501200 decelerating to 640(time to reach max distance still 1.25 seconds)

R – Frozen Tomb
RATIO0.7 ability power0.6 ability power

Q – Threaded Volley
COOLDOWN11/9/7/5/3 seconds7/6/5/4/3 seconds
COST60/70/80/90/100 mana50/60/70/80/90 mana
MULTI-HIT DAMAGEEnemy championsEverything takes 50% reduced damage from stone shards beyond the first
WORKED GROUND DURATION120 seconds45 seconds
REMOVEDCOOLGROUND REDUCTIONWorked Ground duration is no longer affected by cooldown reduction

LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGERMistwalkers and The Maiden now draw minion and turret aggro onto Yorick if they damage an enemy champion


Doran’s Shield
UNIQUE PASSIVEAfter taking damage from an enemy champ, regenerate 20 health over 10 secondsregenerate up to 30 health over 10 seconds based on missing health (cap at 25% missing health)

UPDATEDGuinsoo’s Rageblade
COST3300 gold3100 gold
ON-HIT DAMAGE5 (+0.1 bonus attack damage) physical damage + 5 (+0.1 ability power) magic damage15 magic damage
NEWPENETRATIONNow grants 6.5-15% (lv 1-18) total armor and magic penetration
REMOVEDPERCENT AD/AP PER STACKNo longer grants +2.5% bonus attack damage and ability power per stack (stacks still grant attack speed)

Jungle Items
REMOVEDMONSTER HUNTEROwning Hunter’s Machete, Hunter’s Talisman, or an un-upgraded Stalker’s Blade or Skirmisher’s Sabre no longer reduces gold granted by lane minions if you have the highest minion kill score on your team

Relic Shield Upgrades
Targon’s Brace
MINION EXECUTE10-180 (lv 1-18)15-270 (lv 1-18)

Remnant of the Aspect / Eye of the Aspect
MINION EXECUTE20-360 (lv 1-18)30-540 (lv 1-18)

Wards & Trinkets
Control Ward

Trinket Scaling
SCALINGLevel of their ownerAverage level of all champs

Warding Totem
WARD DURATION90-180 seconds (owner lv 1-18)90-120 seconds (game avg lv 1-18)


  • Made a number of fixes to missing and hard-to-read VFX across LeBlanc and a few of her skins:
    • Base Q – Sigil of Malice size increased and decal added inside the orb
    • Ravenborn Passive – Mirror Image clone now has proper particle effects
    • Ravenborn Q – Sigil of Malice size increased
    • Ravenborn RE – Ethereal Chains darkened
    • Elderwood Passive – Mirror Image clone now has proper particle effects
    • Elderwood Q – Sigil of Malice now has pink effects
  • Restored volume on Rengar’s Passive – Unseen Predator leap roar
  • Thresh’s basic attack once again plays audio at max range
  • Dying to the summoned Rift Herald with Blue and/or Red buff now properly transfers the buff to the enemy who summoned Rift Herald


NEWTurret Plating
PLATINGOuter turrets begin the game with five temporary plates. A plate is broken for each 1000 damage dealt to the turret. (Plates don’t have health of their own.)
PLATE STRENGTHTurret plating grants 40 armor and magic resist at game start
PLATE BREAKINGDealing 1000 damage to an outer turret also causes a plate to break, granting 160 gold (divided among nearby champions) and increasing the turret’s armor and magic resist by 30 until turret plating falls off
BULWARKFor 20 seconds after a plate is destroyed, the turret also gains Bulwark, granting an additional 25 armor and magic resist for each nearby enemy champion past the first. Multiple instances of Bulwark stack if multiple plates are destroyed within a 20 second window.
FALLOFFTurret plating falls off at 14:00, causing outer turrets to lose ALL armor and magic resist and making unclaimed plating gold permanently inaccessible

Turret Adjustments
First Turret Bonus
FIRST BRICK300 gold150 gold

Outer Turrets
AD SCALING4 per minute9 per minute
AD CAP180 at 7:30278 at 15:00
ARMOR & MAGIC RESIST550 (replaced by turret plating)
ARMOR & MAGIC RESIST SCALING+1 per minute0 (replaced by turret plating)
GLOBAL GOLD50 gold (unchanged)

Inner Turrets
AD SCALING4 per minute9 per minute
AD CAP250 at 28:00305 at 18:00

Inhibitor Turrets
AD SCALING4 per minute9 per minute
AD CAP250 at 28:00285 at 18:00

Nexus Turrets
AD SCALING4 per minute9 per minute
AD CAP230 at 28:00305 at 18:00

Minions & Monsters

Global Minion Changes
UNIVERSAL STANDARD TIMEAll minion stats now reach their max values at 37:00 unless otherwise stated
MOVEMENT SPEED BONUS+25 at 20 minutes+25/50/75/100 at 10/15/20/25 minutes

Melee Minions
MAX HEALTH12001300
MAX ARMOR0 (no scaling)16
MAX AD12 (no scaling)80
BARON BUFF DAMAGE REDUCTION75% from champions, 30% from turrets70% from champions, 0% from turrets

Caster Minions
MAX HEALTH425 at 27:00485 at 37:00 (scaling simply continues for longer)
MAX ADScales infinitely (60.5 at 37:00)120.5 (no longer scales infinitely)
BARON BUFF DAMAGE REDUCTION50% from champions, 30% from turrets70% from champions, 0% from turrets

Cannon Minions
MAX HEALTHScales infinitely (2300 at 37:00)Still scales infinitely, but harder (2900 at 37:00)
MAX ADUnchanged (scales infinitely, 77 at 37:00)
SPAWN EVERY 2 WAVES20 minutes15 minutes
SPAWN EVERY WAVE35 minutes25 minutes
TURRET DAMAGE TAKEN14% max health per shot14/11/8/8% max healh per outer/inner/inhibitor/nexus turret shot

Cannon Minions
MAX HEALTHUnchanged (scales infinitely; 4000 at 37:00)
BASE AD306225
MAX ADScales infinitely (431 at 37:00)Still scales infinitely (350 at 37:00)
MINION AURANo longer increases minion damage by 70% (still increases resistances)
NEWBIG HEADSSuper minions now show up on the minimap through fog of war

Epic Monster Respawn Time

Elemental Drakes
XP75-300 (lv 1-18)150-330 (lv 1-18)

INFERNAL DRAKE+8/16/24% AD and AP+10/17/24% AD and AP
MOUNTAIN DRAKE+10/20/30% damage to structures and epic monsters+16/23/30% damage to structures and epic monsters
OCEAN DRAKE4/8/12% missing health & mana regen out of combat6/9/12% missing health & mana regen out of combat
CLOUD DRAKE+2/4/6% movement speed, tripled out of combat+3/4.5/6% movement speed, tripled out of combat

Jungle Camp Experience

(Note: All values below scale from monster level 1-7.)

GROMP XP115-190115-172.5
MURK WOLF XP25-41.525-37.5
RAPTOR XP20-33 20-30
ANCIENT KRUG XP100-165100-150 (reminder: first clear still grants 30% reduced XP)
KRUG XP35-5835-52.5
LESSER KRUG XP7-127-10.5


Rune Stats
REMOVEDPATH BONUSESYou no longer load into game with bonus stats based on which rune paths you chose
NEWRUNE STATSThree stat rows have been added to the Runes interface. Pick one stat from each row. Rune stats are editable in champ select.
ROW 110 adaptive force (6 AD or 10 AP), 9% attack speed, or 1-10% cooldown reduction (lv 1-18)
ROW 210 adaptive force (6 AD or 10 AP), 5 armor, or 6 magic resist
ROW 315-90 health (lv 1-18), 5 armor, or 6 magic resist

Fleet Footwork
HEAL AP RATIO0.5 ability power0.3 ability power

BONUS MOVEMENT SPEEDMovement speed increased by 1.5%Movement speed bonuses increased by 8%
REMOVEDDAMAGE CONVERSIONNo longer converts bonus movement speed to adaptive force

UPDATEDDark Harvest
PROC THRESHOLDDark Harvest procs against enemy champions below 50% health
PROCS ONBasic attacksAny damage
DAMAGE50-80 (lv 1-18) (+0.25 bonus attack damage)(+0.15 ability power) + 8 damage per harvested soul
ARAMSouls increase Dark Harvest’s damage by 4 on ARAM, rather than 8
COOLDOWN45 seconds, reset to 1.5 seconds on champion takedown
REMOVEDMINION & MONSTER SOULSMinions and monsters no longer grant souls

Ravenous Hunter
BASE HEALING2.5%1.5% (bonus per stack still 2.5%)

CHARGE-UP TIME4 seconds3 seconds
DAMAGE175 (+30% max health)100 (+30% max health)

NEWShield Bash
SHIELDWhile shielded, gain 1-10 (lv 1-18) bonus armor and magic resist
BASHWhenever you gain a shield, your next basic attack against an enemy champion within 2 seconds of the shield expiring deals bonus adaptive damage
DAMAGE4-21 (lv 1-18) + 8.5% of the shield’s strength + 1.5% bonus health

Bone Plating
BUFF DURATION3 seconds1.5 seconds
BLOCK AMOUNT15-40 (lv 1-18)25-50 (lv 1-18)
POSITIONMoved from row 1 to row 2


BODY COUNT+0.2% max health per 8 nearby minion or monster deaths+3 health per 8 nearby minion or monster deaths
NEWFULL HOUSEAt 120 minion and monster deaths, also gain an additional +2.5% max health

PROC MODELAfter using an ability, your next basic attacknext two basic attacks will grant 5 gold… or something nicer
DROPSWards no longer drop after 20 minutes


Kill Bounties
1-3 KILLS0/150/300 gold (unchanged)
4 KILLS375 gold400 gold
5 KILLS450 gold500 gold
6 KILLS500 gold600 gold
ADDITIONAL KILLS+50 gold+100 gold

NEWMinion & Monster Gold Bounties
NEWBUY THE FARMIf, since their last death, a champion has earned 250 more gold from minions and monsters than the enemy team’s average* during that time, their bounty increases by 50 gold, plus another 50 gold for each additional 150 gold their advantage grows by thereafter.
MATHAverage is determined by dividing the enemy team’s minion and monster gold by four, rather than five, based on the four sources of income on Summoner’s Rift (top/mid/bot/jungle). Modes with smaller teams divide by the number of champs per team instead (ex. 3 for Twisted Treeline).

Bounty Clarity
NEWHIT LISTBounties over 150 gold are now visible in the scoreboard

Bounty Payout Modifications
NEWREPUTATIONBounties no longer increase mid-combat. If a champion earns multiple kills and then immediately dies, those kills will count toward their next death instead.
NEWHEAVY LIFTINGBounty payouts for killing members of the losing team are reduced, down to a minimum of 20% normal values if the losing team is massively behind
NEWPAYOUT CAPA single kill can no longer grant more than 1000 total gold to the killer. Any bounty gold past the cap rolls over to that champion’s next death.

Minimum Kill Gold
0-5 DEATHS300/274/220/176/140/112 gold (unchanged)
6 DEATHS90 gold100 gold
7 DEATHS72 gold100 gold
8 DEATHS58 gold100 gold
9+ DEATHS50 gold100 gold

CHANNEL DURATION4.5 seconds4 seconds
NEWCOMMITTeleport can’t be canceled by its caster once cast

Ranked Armor
RANKED ARMORA new way to show off your current rank now appears on your profile, hovercard, and in game lobbies
ON MY LEVELSwitch between Ranked and level armor by clicking on your summoner icon on the profile page
A DARK, MYSTERIOUS PASTToggle between your past rank’s banner or a plain one by clicking your summoner icon on the profile page
RIP INSIGNIASThe small profile trim displaying your past season’s rank has been removed

Neue Skins

Nine new skins will be available sometime this cycle, including Eclipse skins Lunar Eclipse Leona and Solar Eclipse Leona, the Coven group of Camille and Lissandra and five Pajama Guardian Skin Variants!

Eclipse Leona

(Legendarymore details here)

Solar Eclipse Leona

Lunar Eclipse Leona

Coven Camille

1350 RP

Coven Lissandra

1350 RP



A total of five skins join a the famous Star Guardian skin line as skin variants! Check out Pajama Guardian Ezreal, Lulu, Lux, Miss Fortune, Soraka!

Pajama Guardian Ezreal

1350 RP (Reduced if you own Star Guardian Ezreal – more details here)

Pajama Guardian Lulu

1350 RP (Reduced if you own Star Guardian Lulu – more details here)

Pajama Guardian Lux

1350 RP (Reduced if you own Star Guardian Lux – more details here)

Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune

1350 RP (Reduced if you own Star Guardian Miss Fortune – more details here)

Pajama Guardian Soraka

1350 RP (Reduced if you own Star Guardian Soraka – more details here)

Neue Chromas

New chroma sets will be available for  Coven Camille (7) and Coven Lissandra (7)!

Coven Camille


Coven Lissandra


Neue Summoner-Icons

Nine new summoner icons will be available sometime this patch:

Solar Eclipse Leona Icon, Lunar Eclipse Leona Icon


Pajama Guardian Soraka Icon, Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune Icon




Pajama Guardian Ezreal Icon, Pajama Guardian Lulu Icon



Pajama Guardian Lux Icon



All-Star 2018 Icon, 2018 Worlds Commemoration Icon




A new emote will be available sometime this patch:

All-Star 2018 Emote



A new ward skin will be available this cycle:

Pajama Guardian Ward Skin


Wir sehen uns in der Kluft!

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